Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Minecraft Cake

One year ago, I started taking cake decorating lessons to learn to make birthday cakes for my kids. Here's Liam's eight birthday cake

Minecraft is a computer game based on building a world of cubes. I liked the idea of a landscape cake, and saw some cakes on Instrucables (here and here) that used Rice Krispy Treats for the sand blocks, and iced cake for the grass blocks. Both my cake and my Rice Krispy Treats came out approximately 3 centimeters high, so I used 3 cm as my unit length. The smallest cube is 3 cm by 3 cm and every length is an even multiple of 3 cm.

For the cake I used the Chocolate Sour Cream Cake recipe and my American Buttercream recipe. For the Rice Krispy Treats I used a double recipe from ATK Quick Family Cookbook (associate link). For the water I used Wilton piping gel tinted blue over a trimmed Rice Krispy Treat, but you could also use blue gel icing. The base is a scalloped half sheet board I picked up somewhere.

I used American buttercream tinted green to glue the cake layers together. I made the grass topping using tip 233, the famous grass tip. It was very hard on my hands. Also, the grass did not provide a thick icing layer, a minor disappointment to some of the kids.

The kids, and my son, loved the cake. When it was time to cut the cake, I was swarmed by kids who wanted a piece of each: grass, sand, and water.


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