Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Blue Ribbons at the Fair!

I entered two baked goods at The Great Frederick Fair, and they both won blue ribbons! I entered my Pumpkin Muffins and a Yellow Cake I modified from Shirley Corriher's recipe in BakeWise. This was my first time entering anything in the fair.

Ribbons are given out in each category. My entries were in Cakes, other, and Muffins, other. Cakes entered in the baking category are judged on taste, and decorated cakes are judged separately.

This cake won Best in Show for baking. I think it's a rum coconut cake.

This beauty won Best in Show for decorated cakes. If I want to compete in this category next year, I'll be up against stiff competition.

This was second and third place in decorated cakes.

This fab Lego cake was in the 4H exhibition.

I'm not sure what category this wonderful tie dye cake was in, but I loved it.

And just because, these are the entries for country ham. It's easy to forget how rural and quirky Frederick can be.

Happy Baking!


  1. That tye-dye cake is a trip - I wonder if you can eat that thing. And your cake looks wonderful...is your modified recipe on here somewhere?

  2. I'm putting it up tonight or tomorrow.
    The tie dye cake is probably fine to eat, as most colorings are flavorless.