Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chocolate Cakes Compared, by the numbers

I previously wrote a post comparing yellow cakes numerically. I enjoyed writing it, and it helped me with my baking.

I am trying to find a chocolate cake recipe I like. I have a very specific ultimate chocolate cake in my head. Luckily I've found a picture of it for those of you without remote telepathy. I'd like to find it without making more than maybe four cakes. Yes, I know there's a recipe with the picture, but I'm not willing to trust it.

So once again, I rounded up several cake recipes from my usual sources, plus a couple that are really popular.

I indulged a couple of prejudices in selecting the recipes. I only selected recipes that use cocoa, and not chocolate. Also, I excluded recipes that use sour cream, mostly because I don't know how to account for its behavior in the cake.

I included different categories in this table, based on the similarities of the recipies. I've simplified by converting all ingredients to ounces using the KAF Weight Chart. As previously, I adjusted each recipe to make the same size cake, based on the amount of flour.

Cake Bible Butter102.77.812.79.733
Cake Bible Fudge102.96.113.311.42.92.9
Cake Bible Devil102.57.812.
KAF Chocolate 102.35.812.712.54.24.2
KAF Fudge102.661611.44.64.6
ATK Velvet102.47.71412.83.23.2
Cookie Madness103.8817.5202.52.5
Let's see. Sweetest: BakeWise (by a mile). Most Chocolate: Cookie Madness. Richest: BakeWise. Wettest: Cookie Madness. I don't think I can draw any conclusions though.

I think I see another taste test in my future!

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