Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Checkerboard Cake

When I first started the blog, my dad gave me a really nice checkerboard cake pan set. I've been using the pans, but this is my first checkerboard cake.

I made a three-color cake, using the Tender White Cake recipe from KAF.

I increased the recipe by 1½ times, divided the batter in three parts, and died the batter with gel food color.

I used a portion scoop to fill the rings in the kit. It was fiddly and took some time, but not ultimately difficult.

The cake was for a Christmas party, where I had no idea how many people were coming. There was 26 total, which is tight for a 9-inch 3-layer cake.

I cut two sizes of pieces: the larger was a thin wedge and the smaller was separated by layers.

It made me understand event-style cutting. For a big, round cake, the baker or someone knowledgeable needs to be there to cut the cake. If it wasn't a checkerboard, I might have cut squares.

Sorry it's a short post today. I must admit, I wasn't super proud of this cake. I still can only see the flaws, but I did get complements, and people enjoyed eating it.

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