Sunday, November 18, 2012

Milk Crumb

I had some credit at Amazon, so I actually bought Momofuku Milk Bar, which was quite expensive for this church mouse. But I'll say it again—Christina Tosi is a genius, and I have, as they say, drank the Milk Bar Kool-Ade.

The Milk Bar recipes are very complex if you work on one recipe, start to finish. Restaurants work on a component system where finished dishes are made from one or more pre-made component recipes. Tosi takes this even further, designating ten "mother recipes" akin the the French mother recipes of sauces.

One of the mother recipes is Milk Crumb. Milk Crumb tastes as Tosi thinks milk should taste. I'm one of the few adults I know who still drinks milk often, and I think Milk Crumbs are more like milkshake in taste, though not so heavy. They are primarily for including in other recipes, but yummy to munch on their own. Everyone who tried them liked them.

I started by preheating the oven to 250 degrees, and whisked the dry ingredients: dried milk, flour, cornstarch, sugar, and salt.

Next I mixed in melted butter.

Then I spread it on a lined sheet pan and baked 20 minutes.

The next step is to melt white chocolate to mix in. I used Ghirardelli real white chocolate. You can see what happened—real white chocolate is very finicky stuff, and this burned under the surface when I was melting it.

I switched to Candy Melts, which melt very easily.

Tosi uses Vahrona white chocolate, and it might be less viscous when melted than the Candy Melts. I had to use twice the amount in the recipe to get it to mix in smoothly. I broke up the crumbs as they cooled, and eventually ended up with little crunchies.

Tosi uses Crumbs for garnish, for texture in cookies, and between cake layers. I'm planning to use these in some blueberry cookies after Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to Chocolate Crumbs and Pie Crumbs.


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