Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chocolate Cake Taste Test, Update

Picture from Wikipedia
My husband and I have done some very challenging further research on chocolate cakes, and we have come to some conclusions. Please keep in mind that these are opinions.

The Chocolate Sour Cream Cake is moist, and not too sweet. It is perfect for eating with chocolate frosting, which is my favorite way to eat chocolate cake. Don't forget the glass of milk.

The Chocolate Butter Cake is flavorful, and has a finer crumb. I will probably use it for a German Chocolate Cake or with a chocolate mousse filling. I hate coconut flakes, but German Chocolate is my Dad's favorite, so I make it for him and scrape off the filling.

I have two birthdays coming up, so I see more cakes in my future. I hope you are safe after the hurricane, and had a safe and fun Halloween.

11/12/2012—updated to clarify picture source


  1. that is a big, beautiful chocolate cake. WOW. i'm adding these to my list of chocolate cake options, because i love trying new versions. I think some people assume there's just a standard "chocolate cake" taste and texture, but there really isn't. thanks for taking the time to test and review some different ones!

    1. I'm sorry, the picture is from Wikipedia. It goes to there if you click on it, but I obviously need to be more clear. But yes, the chocolate cakes were all very different, and each one was someone's favorite and someone's least favorite. I tried to be clear on the differences, but it's all subjective. Each cake was also called both dry and moist in the comments.