Saturday, October 6, 2012

Frozen Buttercream Transfer (Crab Cake)

Frozen buttercream transfers allow you to put an image on a cake. It allows you to use images from online or books, which is important because many people are not comfortable drawing freehand. Also, the transfer technique allows you to work slowly and correct your mistakes as you go. This works very well for cartoon characters for children's cakes.

There are two YouTube videos I found helpful. Wilton's video does a cartoon character with outlining. Seriouscakes does a more advanced transfer from a photo—wow!

This is sheet cake for my church's annual crab feast. In Maryland we take our crabs seriously, and crab feasts are very important.

It was a large event so I made a half sheet cake from two 9" × 13" cakes. I used my Damp Yellow Cake and American Buttercream recipes. You need to use homemade frosting as the fat needs to be at least 50% butter so it will freeze hard enough.

I started by looking up drawings of crabs online. I eventually settled on a this How to Draw a Crab page. My said that a more realistic crab is too gross to put on a cake. He's not from Maryland.

I did my pencil sketch on a sheet of 9" × 11" paper.

I then went over it with Sharpie.

I taped the image to a cutting board, and taped wax paper over it. Everyone seems to use wax paper and not parchment, but I'm not sure why. You can use anything flat that you can move to your freezer in place of the tutting board.

I colored my icing with a mixture of red, yellow, and brown Wilton icing colors, then piped an outline using a #2 round tip.

I filled in the outline with a combination of blobs and zig zags.

I let the frosting crust and smooshed it down with Via paper towels and my hands.

I inelegantly went over the whole design with white icing

and smoothed it with an icing spatula.

I froze the design for 45 minutes. You are supposed to freeze it for at least 90 minutes, but I was running late. Finally I turned the design onto the cake and removed the paper.

Good luck with your cakes!


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